About Pricepad

PricePad users find the best deals by quickly and easily scanning product barcodes with the built-in camera (iPhone 3GS only), and comparing retail-store prices against the best deals online. Its great for saving money on groceries, books, videos and the latest gadgets on your wish list.

  • Highlights
  • Reviews
  • Updates
  • Works with a barcode or product name
  • Searches Google and Amazon for the best online prices
  • Searches products at local stores (with price & availability)
  • Provides a map with the stores' phone numbers and addresses.
  • Optimized for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4
  • iPod Touch users can type in the barcode
  • Automatically download pictures of most books / games / electronics
  • Choose to include your own photo of a great find.
  • Facebook integration lets you share that picture along with the item name/price
  • Send an entire shopping list via email

"A Great Deal for Finding Deals"

-iPhone App Review (Score 8/10)

"Something important to look at with any barcode scanning app is how accurate the actual “scanner” portion of the app is. I had great results with the scanner in this app."


"The app works perfect on all platforms and gives you the same power and flexibility on your shopping requirements. Overall the app is a must buy for all shopaholic people."


Version 2.4

  • Share items from your wishlist with friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • Compare local stores price with Google and Amazon

Version 2.3

  • Support for iPhone 4
  • Share your entire shopping list

Version 2.1

  • Support for more product barcodes
  • Faster barcode scanner
  • Includes tutorial video

Version 2.0

  • Redesigned user interface
  • Search for prices using Google or PricePad Search
  • Record sales by store (choose from pre-populated list)
  • Share product/sales info (including photo) with friends and family via email

Recent Press

"Don't throw away any more money, get Pricepad and start saving your hard earned money."

- Smokinapps.com

"Overall the app is a must buy for all shopaholic people."

- iPhoneFootprint.com