PricePad v0.8.0
Pricepad Logo PricePad is the shopping organizer you will want to have with you. Conveniently jot down prices along with pictures, and barcodes as you are shopping for the best deal. The UI is simple and lets you capture the important details with a few flicks. Once you entered it, the powerful search functionality keeps it all at your fingertips. You can search and sort, as well drill down into specific categories. And when you need more information on a product, PricePad will help you find reviews on the web.

  • Remember prices (include pictures and barcodes)
  • Handy notepad + calculator
  • Organize your shopping list with pre-defined folders or create your own
  • Search and sort your items by name, date, price.
  • Guides users to product reviews on the web

PricePad can be downloaded from iTunes in selected countries

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